2D Art

Photoshop | Various of aircraft designs that I made for a small game project

Photoshop | Various of sketches for firearms for different situations

Photoshop | Freelance work, Stickers for use in the messaging app Telegram. Customers are my social media followers.

  • Part of my yearly giveaway on Twitter

Photoshop, Illustrator | Mockup that I made for a 3 matching game concept 

Photoshop | Work in progress Velociraptor that I am working on to study lightning

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects | User interface mockups for a Real Estate buy and selling game concept


Spine2D | Pirate walkcycle and character that I made in the artstyle of the game Tricky Towers by WeirdBeard

Photoshop, After Effects| Animation that I made in the style of the game Mr. Miner by Goblet Games. This is a different version of the drill seen in the game.


Tribal Dash

2D Multiplayer party racing game

Internship Sneaky Mammoth

  • Assisted in game design
  • Created pixel assets (UI, level sprites, FX)

Bouw je Buurt

2D Pixel street builder game

Internship Sneaky Mammoth

  • Created pixel assets (UI, level sprites)

Ostfront 1941-1945

3D Multiplayer first person shooter


  • Directed devteam
  • Marketing and community management
  • Created cosmetics and level assets


3D Multiplayer wave defence game


  • Created weapons, cosmetics, level assets

Unnamed project

2D Multiplayer social game


  • Marketing and community management
  • 2d art
  • Programming



My name is Jesper Peschier, I am a 20 years old game art student over at Mediacollege Amsterdam. I am currently in my 4th year!

I grew up with videogames thanks to my brother. He introduced me to games by letting me sit beside him to watch, occasionally letting me play aswell. Since then it has become my biggest passion, combining technology with creativity. This love grew to me wanting to create my own games someday. 

In my free time I draw a lot and make my own games. I do commission art and I have a great interest in Game design, especially Level- and System design. I also really like to be out in the world where I take my inspiration from.

I have experience working with programs such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, Spine2D, After Effects, Pyxel Edit, Aseprite, Maya, PaintTool SAI and Unity

If I have made you interested in me you can contact me on my business email here